After twin 2 destroying a teacher.

Things over the next year didn’t get any better we were always pulled to one side after school. Then the dreaded phone calls all parents dread the school calling but this got to beyond dread this got to the point of please world swallow me up whole or wishing my phone would burst in to flames in my hand.

The first phone call was the worst and always will be because that was the start of the end. I had a spare hour and decided to go shopping for a new pair of jeans. I was in the changing room admiring that I had managed to loose a pound or two to get in to a size 8.

Then it came a sharpe kick to the teeth the dreaded designated ring tone the one of shear dread I panicked which child is hurt? or is it going to be an all nighter sat watching my child be sick?

No such luck it was the head of the school asking could someone go and collect twin 2 from school because he had destroyed a classroom and they had to put all the other kids in the hall while the staff gained control. My chin hit the floor “while the staff gained control!!!!!!!!” He’s a 5 year old child how hard could it be!

My partner rushed to school to find 3 members of staff blocking to door so twin 2 couldn’t get out. 3 members off staff to control 1 child. How bad was the situation?

At this whole episode I knew it was the start of a very long roller coaster that was going to be the hardest battle we would ever face. Believe me I’ve had cancer and cancer was so easy compared to the battle of the system for our children.

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