Start at the beginning 

Where to start???????

Ok there has to be some where to start right?

I will start with me I’m a stressed out mum of 3 little darlings. Identical twin boys who are 11 years old and a 8 year old girl. I’m straight talking, blunt and can swear like a trooper when I’m in the mood.

I live on coffee and cigarettes ( I know smoking is bad for me but with out them at times I would be in a padded cell) food is a luxury that I very rarely seem to eat these days when it’s hot and nice. Normally these days it’s a sandwich or a plate of something that a few hours ago was delicious, hot and edible.

I don’t really drink alcohol anymore because if I did I’m sure I would try and find the answer in the bottom of the bottle, but the answer is never there so I don’t bother trying it seems like to much hard work and I can’t fit in it to my schedule.

Next on the list is my partner. He’s a chilled out kind of guy. Likes his stupid childish games on his phone ( he lost his life when he got a smart phone) he works all hours God sends. He loves the family and he loves his take aways not sure which one he loves most at times.

Now we come to the reason why I’ve started this blog The Boys.

They are 11 year old identical twins. They can be the stuff that dreams are made of but they can be a total nightmare. They are identical and look so alike but their personalities are total opposite.

I’m not going to name them because that’s unfair this is their life told through my eyes and my struggles not theirs.

Twin 1 can be at times the most adorable openly loving child you will ever meet. But don’t be fooled my the hugs and kisses he gives out because he might punch you just as easily.

Twin 2 he’s the cheeky chappy who has an answer for everything he can be full of confidence and attitude but he will happy slap you as you walk on by.
Then finally there the little one. Little in waist size and that’s about it. She has the king legs of her dad the stubbornness of me and an attitude of a determined little girl that nothing is going to get her down.

Then there is our youngest a mini me. She can be sweet and loving. She has strength, determination and independence. She knows her own mind and is always willing to show it. Luckily she also is laid back and doesn’t let things get to her.

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