When I noticed something was not right.

When the boys were about 2 years old we noticed their behaviour was extreme and nothing was ever quiet in our house. The boys weren’t great sleepers. Meal times were a disaster. Clothing became an issue we asked the health visitor she said it was extreme terrible 2s and would calm down in time.

In the year that followed we had all of the above still and extreme defiance from the boys. I remember one summer night hearing them giggling in the bedroom. When we went in the bedroom they had striped the wall paper off half of one wall.

When they were in foundation we would often be pulled to one side saying they’ve been hitting other children, they’ve bit another child, it was never ending they’ve done this they’ve done that.

Then boom Y1

This was the start. We took them to school looking all lovely and ready for their first day. Took the traditional photo in the morning posting it on social media saying look at our perfect children (while honestly thinking thank God I  booked a day off today so I can have a bath in peace and even sleep through lunch time)

Within a few days we were getting pulled to one side. I remember the conversation as clear as day and here how it went

Teacher- today we’ve had a few issues with one of the boys.

Me – ok what’s happened.

Teacher – they were both in the bathroom and then one of them has come out and gone running round the school shouting and has thrown a chair which has hurt another child.

Me – was it twin 1 or twin 2.

Teacher – I don’t know I can’t tell them apart.

Me – have you asked the boys?

Teacher – Yes but they won’t tell me they are blaming each other. Also I’m sure twin 1 is telling me he’s twin 2 and twin 2 is telling me he’s twin 1. I need to work out which child did it because the head teacher wants to exclude the child.

Me – how are you going to find out which child did it?

Teacher – can you ask them.

I then asked them and of course they blamed each other. But mummy knows which one did it. Can’t tell mummy a lie. (Twin 1 smiles. Twin 2 blinks.) Before I could even open my mouth with a reply to her she just walked away.

I knew from that moment on twin 2 had won against her. By October half term she went on the sick to never return to work I’m not surprised she was still wet behind the ears straight from uni. Thinking 5 years old were easy but then she met twin 2 and boom she’s now stocks shelves in our local Morrison’s. Unlikely she’s ever have to pay her student loan back on minimum wage so every cloud and all that.

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