“I feel we have no choice but to ask you to take you son home for the rest of the day.”

This sentence became a regular one for us to hear. It didn’t matter which child it was it was either twin 1 or twin 2 or even both on occasions. After maybe the 100th 200th time we realised that it wasn’t helping our children constantly being sent home from school for a few hours here half a day there. So I started researching about children being sent home from school due to behaviour issues. The first thing I realised is that what the school was doing an unlawful exclusion. Our first step on the next call from the school was we refused to remove our child from the school without an exclusion letter. It’s safe to say the school was not happy about this but they realised we were not playing games anymore. It also led to us receiving that many letters that we could redecorate the whole house using them.

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