Part time education

It was believed that twin 2 only doing a part time education would benefit him!!!

It was agreed that for 4 weeks we would trial him doing 9.45am until 12noon 3 days a week. By law this can only be done with parents consent, it has to be reviewed on a regular basis, increase in hours on a regular basis also can last no longer that a term!!! Unfortunately I didn’t know the above in the early days.

This didn’t work we would often get a call asking us to collect him early. At the 4 week review we were backed in to a corner by the school they decided that the time needed to be reduced to 10am until 12noon 2 days a week. He also wouldn’t be in his Y6 class he would be given jobs to do around the School!!!

So now he was spending 4 hours a week in school 8 hours a week in the nurture unit. But none of these hours were spent being educated. At this point I decided to seek advise from a solicitor!!! I couldn’t believe we were taking legal advise to get out child an education.

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