School hit us hard again

In the week the MAST worker was making the plan he spoke with school!!

When he arrived the following week I had hope but it wasn’t ment to be he arrived with the tales from the school.

  • The head had accused us of aggravating the children before school. (Anyone who does a morning routine with 3 children knows there is no spare time to do anything at all let alone aggravate two children.)
  • We were talking in front of the children about the problems the school were having in controlling the twins. ( It didn’t take a genius to see that they couldn’t control the twins or any other child in school. The twins could see that for themselves)
  • The boys had been exposed to our younger child being in a hip spica cast for 6 weeks. ( Our younger child had hip dysplasia and needed a spica cast on what were we suppose to do ship her off some where for 6 week)
  • Also they said their dad maybe intimidating to a child when he’s stood up!!! (He’s 6 foot 5 inch! We can’t cut him off at the knees to make him regular height)

I answered all of there statement as above. I will admit I was sarcastic but how could I not be with such stupidity. I didn’t have time for stupidity. I knew the transition to secondary school was less than 2 years away and our twins were on a sinking ship going down rapidly.

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