The nurture group

Don’t get me wrong I think nurture groups can be an extremely effective intervention for some children. But for a child who is intellectually advanced for his age it doesn’t work. Playing with wooden train tracks, being allowed to nap in the afternoon and having cuddle time. Really didn’t stimulate him at all so he took it upon himself to find out every issur in their security and safeguarding policy.

For example he worked out if he had a magnet in his pocket and put it against the auto lock panel on the door. The door would open allowing him to run out of the building.

The mini bus that they travelled on, had a back door that automatically unlocked when the side door was opened so he could use to back door to escape also the staff member on the bus couldn’t leave the bus to chase after him.

The window to the nurture unit had limited opening but if the smoke alarm set off because the toast was burning in the toaster the window limiter would release allowing him to jump out of the window.

These are just a few examples of what he got up to. Our son is the only child to get excluded from there also even though they stated they would never exclude a child.

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