The plan

The MAST worker continued to work with us for a few months. After a number of weeks he saw that the problem wasn’t us we agreed to do yet again do another parenting course to tick that box even though we had done 2 previously. He decided to do an in house one with us called 4 steps.

Then we got to the part which we all knew would be hard we got the Connors questionnaire to completed by us as parents and school. We completed ours honestly for the twins. School decided to send it directly back to the MAST worker they wouldn’t let us pass it on. I don’t know to this day which child they were completed the forms for but it sure wasn’t for our children because the answers on their version of the Connors questionnaires showed a child who had no issues with anything. Us and the MAST worker were amazed that they had blatantly mislead the answers all we could do as parents was beg the MAST worker to get school to do others explaining that it appeared the answers didn’t collate with the amount to exclusions the twins had received in the past 3 years. But the second set of Connors were exactly the same as before. The MAST worker took the Connors to the CAMHS worker in the team and explained but the reply was we can not progress with supporting the twins as the questionnaires answers are so different!!!! Back to the starting block because this also ment that the MAST worker had to stop working with us.

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