The violence continues

I spent the whole summer wearing jeans and long sleeved tops. The twins were violent towards me and their Dad but never our younger child.

The violence was becoming daily episodes. Twin 1 started to destroy his bedroom walls he would kick the wall until the plaster broke away from the walls. The holes grow larger in size because he would pick away at the plaster. Until the holes were 2ft x 4ft.

One day we had asked him to put his clothes away in his wardrobe and draws. We heard road traffic louder than normal we went upstairs to find that he was throwing his clothes out of his bedroom window. This started a day of emotional meltdown for him. Another bust lip for me and tears.

This is pretty much how we spent the Summer holiday. Wake up,melt down, violence and wait for the physical exhortation to kick in he would sleep we would sleep then it would start all over again.

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