As we all know Y6 now in school’s across the country is an instant start to the SATS and preparation for the transition for secondary school. Y6 is not an easy year for any child or and member of school staff. Tensions run high from the first day back in September.

Twin 2 settled for his usual golden 5 days. (Every year we had 5 days where there were no phone calls)

Day 6 it all started again we were on the routine of phone call, run to school, calm the situation, return home, fixed term exclusion, return to school, reintegration meeting. to start all over again.

Within the next week twin 2 received 2 fixed term exclusions 1 for 1.5 days and the next for 5 days!!!!

This was escalating quickly we had never received a 5 day exclusion before we were use to 1-3 days.

This continued the following week he returned to school we had the reintegration meeting and for once the SENCO came up with an idea. She wanted to take his casenotes to a PIP (primary inclusion panel) this was a group of people who had the expertise to advise the school of what additional support they could offer and additional funding to the school to keep him at the school because he was at risk of permanent exclusion. I thought this was a glimmer of hope they were looking at support so they must have realised finally there was something wrong but they just weren’t saying the words to us.

The PIP meeting suggested that twin 2 should attend a nurture group 2 days a week instead of school.

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